A feedback is a constructive assessment based on the Submission, it may be technical or based on Media’s feeling. It may be “Approve” or “Decline”. The Media has to give the feedback within 48 hours from the Submission, if not the Submitter will repaid.

What happens if the Media “Approves”? If the Media pushes “Approve” it means that he listened to the Submission and he liked it; in this case the Media has to send a link that proves the “support” ( a blog post, a video, an article etc..) through the dashboard, using the comment tab placed above the Submission inside the “Approved” dashboard section. The Support has to be sent back within 15 days from the Submission, if not you get the credits back.

What happens if the Medias says “Decline”? If the Media pushes “Decline”, he has to write down a constructive feedback on the Submission of at least 10 words telling the Submitter his comments on the song.
Each Media will set his evaluation price for Submission in a range between 0 and 100 credits.
Out of time response (even if positive) won’t be charged to the Submitter.

PLEASE NOTE THAT we’re not responsible for any missed “support” by the Media after a positive feedback. Each Media, as by Terms and Conditions, act under his own responsibility. The stars rating system helps on keeping the website clean ;)