is a music Submission management system that allows a “Submitter” to send his music release (“Submission”) to a Media for having a feedback and allows a Media to organize and manage its music Submission. The Submission may contain a released or unreleased song (private or not). The media feedback may be positive or negative and the media will get a compensation for the time spent listening the release. 

Our team is composed by Artists, Songwriters, Medias, Producers and Editors like You and we always dreamt about a service like Send it right, so we decided to create it! We spent hours and hours looking for email addresses and contacts to send our music to someone that could help us to do a step further on our music project; moreover we always found it frustrating not to know if the receiver ever opened/listened to our music. Send it right is the perfect service for Submitters: they’ll pay for the evaluation of their music only if the Media takes his time to listen to the Submission and give a proper feedback, positive or negative ;). If the Media likes the Submission and decides to support it, he will earn credits only once he sent back the support link to the Submitter. At the same time Send it right is the best system for Medias that will find the perfect solution to organize and manage their Submissions and earn money for doing the job in the right way, the Senditright way! 

Here it’s how it works: